High Endurance and Sustainable Systems Design and Environmental Noise Prediction


The research group  aims to use methodologies and technologies coupled with computer-aided control systems methods for uncertain environment. These systems (underwater robotics vehicle, energy system and contactless sensing system) are complex, and require interdisciplinary research efforts.

 1) Remote Monitoring Systems

  a) ROV for pipeline tracking

 Iterative model-in-the-loop control system design process

Chin C, Lau M, Low E. Supervisory Cascaded Controllers Design: Experiment Test on a Remotely-Operated Vehicle. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, 225(3), 584-603, 2011

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Chin C, Lau M, Low E, Seet G. Robust Controller Design Method and Stability Analysis of an Underactuated Underwater Vehicle. International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science 2006, 16(3),  101-112, 2006.

b) AUV for surveyance

 Iterative model-in-the-loop control system design process

c) Remote obstacle detection using underwater ultrasonic sensor

Wan Dennis, Chin CS. Simulation and Prototype Testing of a Low-Cost Ultrasonic Distance Measurement Device in Underwater. Journal of Marine Science and Technology 2015, 20(1), 142-154.

 d) Remote monitoring of offshore structure and pipeline

Krishnamoorthy P, Chin CS, Gao ZC, Lin WP. A Multi-Hop Microprocessor Based Prototype System for Remote Vibration and Image Monitoring of Underwater Offshore Platform. In: 2015 IEEE 7th International Conference on Cybernetics and Intelligent Systems (CIS) and IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics (RAM). 2015.

  e) Low-Cost ROV Pilot Trainer

   f) Fouling Detection and Recognition

Guo JY, Chin CS, Ma Maode, Clare AS. Interactive Vision-based Intelligent System for Active Macfouling and Microfouling Detection on Hull. In: OCEANS16 MTS/IEEE. 2016, Shanghai, China.

2) Remote Noise Prediction and Separation

a) Noise prediction on Offshore Platform

Ji X, Chin CS. Analysis of Acoustic Models and Statistical Energy Analysis with Direct Field for Machinery Room on Offshore Platform. Acta Acustica united with Acustica 2015, 101(6), 1234-1244.

 b) Noise separation on engine noise

 3) Renewable/Rechargeable energy systems

 a) Solar tracker

 b)  Hybrid solar lighting for long-endurance underwater-aided maneuvering

 c) MagLev for cleaner conveyance operation

Chin C, Wheeler C. Sliding-Mode Control of an Electromagnetic Actuated Conveyance System using Contactless Sensing. IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, 60(11), 5315-5324, 2013 

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